Agnès Weber was born in 1973 in Paris. Her passion for photography began when she discovered a red velvet box full of black and white photos of unknown or deceased relatives at her grandmother’s house. Many long Sunday afternoons followed during which she listened to her grandmother tell the stories of these obscure yet strangely familiar people. Throughout her career, all her personal work would be based on situations related to everyday life.

In 1994 she was admitted to L'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Cery-Paris. She continued her studies at Visuel Formation, a school specialized in photography and subsequently spent 10 years working in a photography studio. In 2001 she moved to Italy and in 2007 participated in a course for stage photographers at the Accademia Teatro Alla Scala in Milan. Since then she collaborates as stage photographer with various theaters.

10/2008: Collective show “The journey of the soul in the other world” SpaziOfficina, Roma
10/2008: Collective show “feminine presence” Gaby Art Café, Turin
11/2008: Collective show online “love and torment”
12/2008: Collective show “noise and silence” Jolly Hotel Ligure, Turin
04/2010: Collective show “burlesque – back on stage” My Yoyo, Milan